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Through the intern glass

Two weeks into my internship, I had the luxury of speaking with Kelly Mullinax, an Account Supervisor at TBE, one on one. As we sat in Kelly’s office and spoke about work, future goals and a variety of aspirations, I managed to ask a pressing question on my mind. “What’s one piece of advice you would tell your younger self?” The response: “Never settle, and dream big.” This very moment set the tone for the duration of my time at Trone Brand Energy.

Ever since that day, I made it a personal mission of mine to step outside of my comfort zone, and do exactly what I was underhandedly advised to do, “Dream big.” Trone Brand Energy has a way of tapping into new skill sets and allowing them to flourish in the work place. We had the opportunity to work on a multitude of projects while interning here. We worked to create advertisements for cliental like HanesBrands,Inc , came up with content for clients’ social media, helped create digital marketing campaigns and  provided the team with a variety of competitor analyzes. We, as interns, have taken this experience and made it our own in the best way. Maybe there’s something in the water here, or call it part of The Firefly EffectTM , but working in this inTRONEship program has given us inspiration to reach new heights in our professional life. Our time here has been marked with challenging projects, all while reaping great rewards in the process that each of us can personally attest to.

haley beddor

“Trone Brand Energy provided a glimpse into agency life with a unique and energizing way. This team constantly motivated and challenged me with an entrepreneurial energy to expand opportunities within the agency. I assisted with project development and execution with today’s top advertising gurus. My experience at Trone Brand Energy is invaluable, and I highly recommend this internship to anyone in hopes of working in the advertising industry.” - Haley Beddor, Account Management

michael keener

“Interning at TBE has been the highlight of my semester. I’ve gained valuable knowledge that I will carry with me into my professional career. My time here has been marked with fantastic mentors, dynamic projects and an inspiring work environment.” - Michael Keener, Account Management & New Business

susan jacobs

“My internship was definitely a learning opportunity. I can also say it was a re-immersion into the advertising industry. My biggest take away from this experience is always seek to find a way past a hurdle. There is always a way out, sometimes that way may be right in front of you or it is way ahead and you may need to change your thought process to get to it. But never stop being inquisitive.” - Susan Jacobs, Account Management

scott johnsen

"TBE has been one of my favorite internships as it has given me a well- rounded understanding of different departments at an ad agency. From directly working with the account planning and digital marketing teams to interviewing the account management and media buying and planning team, I feel that I have gained valuable insight in this fast paced industry." - Scott Johnsen, Account Planning

As evident here, Trone Brand Energy provides an exceptional working environment for newly hired interns. Coming to the office on the first day was intimidating, but now, our confidence in our professional abilities has excelled tremendously. TBE, thank you for providing us with an unforgettable experience. 

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