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A Brand and Digital Advertising Agency

When all your touchpoints blink together, it's rather magical.

But it doesn't just happen. Your brand's energy has to be fueled by audience insights. By engaging those audiences through strategic creative, we impact them wherever they are. When it all blinks together, it creates something we call The Firefly Effect.

"Trone Brand Energy has always had the ability to have great insights that make a brand come alive. The fastest way for the impact of a brand or message to spread is through various online means. I’m grateful to have them on board to help us tell our story."

Mark Founds, Senior V.P., Marketing Director at High Point Bank

From Our Blog

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User testing comes in many forms and is essential to improving the user experience of your website or app. However, choosing the right user testing or research method can be tricky.
2017: The Year Reality Becomes Less Virtual
“In the old days of Virtual Reality,” is not a phrase that many people can use. But there was a first wave of VR, and some of the challenges we faced then are only now being overcome. In the summer of 1991, my partners and I launched the first full-immersion 360 degree VR system available to the public in Europe at the Rock Garden in Convent Garden, London. The Virtuality system had heavy headsets with optics at 640x320 resolution, head and hand tracking using Polhemus magnetic tracking with a delay that could induce motion sickness.