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A telecommunications company’s biggest asset? Communicating their brand story.

Storytelling is an attainable marketing strategy for companies of any size, even the most hyperlocal.

Because a compelling brand narrative is built on the strength of imagination and creativity—not wallet size. Local and regional telecom brands may find it seemingly impossible to compete with monstrous industry leaders like AT&T® and DirectTV.® But through strategic brand storytelling, the difference in marketing capabilities of large and small providers begins to dissolve. In fact, the smaller guys just may end up with the upper hand.

But how? It all starts with a story.

A compelling brand story has the power to create synchronicity between telecom providers and potential customers. That story lays the foundation for TRUST, LOYALTY and ADVOCACY—three things that are not built through a strictly transactional relationship. When a telecom brand’s story fosters an emotional connection with consumers, the foundation leads the consumer to reach out and establish a relationship of TRUST.

When the consumer finds the services delivered to meet (and even exceed) expectations, they come to realize that LOCAL and REGIONAL don’t have to mean “too small” but, instead can mean “JUST RIGHT.” And when something is just right, consumers stick with it, creating BRAND LOYALTY.


Try this experiment to see how your current brand story is working: ask three people in different departments to define what your company stands for. In other words—your story. If the answers don’t match, you have an ambiguous message.

And when someone’s got a good thing going, it’s human nature to want to TALK about how good you have it. A compelling and succinct story gives customers a language to communicate your brand. Their brand affinity spreads to friends and family who also need these services. That’s how loyal consumers become your biggest ADVOCATES.

As you continue to tell that COMPELLING brand story (and your advocates keep sharing that story), emotional connections are forged with more and more consumers and, before you know it, they’ve all begun thinking the same way. Your way.

We can help you refocus and reenergize your brand story.
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