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A Glimpse into the 2017 Summer inTRONEship

Written by Alex Apple, Account Management Intern

From the moment I walked through the tall ceiling glass doors of Trone Brand Energy to the last day I opened them, I was welcomed by a team of employees who refused to limit themselves. Morgan, Emily, Matthew, Austin and I each, as interns, had the opportunity to not only witness The Firefly Effect™ in action, but to become a part of the rare experience. While interning at Trone Brand Energy there was never a dull moment. We gained hands-on marketing experience meeting with clients, constructing content calendars, working on different campaigns and developing engaging creative.

Trone Brand Energy recognizes that the marketing realm is constantly changing. As an innovative team in the marketing world, Trone Brand Energy doesn’t just adapt to change. Like the Alpha Fireflies of the Great Smokey Mountains, Trone Brand Energy often initiates the change. Over the course of our inTRONEship we were inspired, challenged and motivated. Along the way each of us acquired a great deal of insight into marketing.

2017 summer interns


"The experience I have received as an intern at TBE is invaluable. Not only have I gotten to work on real projects for clients, there have been several opportunities for me to express creativity in my own designs, while receiving feedback from industry professionals. There is no better way to learn than just doing it. Certain things can’t be taught in a classroom setting, and this inTRONEship provides the perfect hands-on educational work experience." – Matthew Taylor, Studio

"Working at Trone Brand Energy as an Account Planning Intern has far exceeded my expectations in every way. From the hands-on experience in account planning with real clients, to the copious other opportunities I've had to network with and obtain experience in other departments of the agency, I truly feel like this was an incredible and well-rounded opportunity that I never thought I would have as an undergrad. I am forever grateful for the time spent and knowledge acquired during my summer inTRONEship. This agency challenges you, encourages you and makes sure that you leave with knowledge and experience that you won't get in a classroom." – Morgan Chrystie, Account Planning

“Working here at Trone Brand Energy has been an amazing experience for me. Besides the first day nerves, I have felt 100% comfortable, 100% of the time. Everybody has been nothing but helpful with every question that I had. I got a chance to work on a lot of different clients and have done a lot of research. This has been an eye-opening experience that has helped me grow and learn a lot of new things. I am excited to take what I have learned from this internship and bring it into the next chapter of my life.” – Austin Cole, Account Management & New Business

“Interning at Trone Brand Energy has been an amazing experience. Working in account management has provided me with a better understanding of how all the different departments at an advertising agency come together to complete the bigger picture. I’ve had the opportunity to gain experience meeting with clients, creating content calendars, conducting research and more. Everyone here is friendly and helpful. This inTRONEship has better prepared me for the work world while inspiring me every day.” – Alex Apple, Account Management

“This summer with Trone Brand Energy has given me real professional experience unlike any other. I spent my time working alongside the full-time digital marketing employees where I was able to get invaluable exposure to real projects and real clients. The TBE family is so inclusive and always willing to teach and mentor. I never felt like there was a question I couldn’t ask! Not only did I take away real-life agency experience, but I also learned the importance of company culture and how enjoyable that can make a job.” - Emily Rusk, Digital Marketing

As our summer inTRONEship experience comes to a close, we are reminded that this isn’t the end of our experience in marketing, it’s just the beginning. We are proud to say Trone Brand Energy has armed us with the tools necessary to succeed in the marketing world. Each of us would like to thank Trone Brand Energy for the incredible opportunity we had to work with such an inspiring team that pushed us every day to create our best work.

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9 A.M. on a Tuesday morning, the only thing standing between me and the professional world was two heavy, ceiling to floor glass doors, staring right at the illuminated Trone Brand Energy sign hanging over the reception desk.

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As ad people, we look forward to S#%*@ B$&! commercials. No, that’s not a typo or error in the code—we just don’t underestimate trademark laws. Anyway, we enjoy the competition of the commercials so much that we made it a game everyone can play.

Two weeks into my internship, I had the luxury of speaking with Kelly Mullinax, an Account Supervisor at TBE, one on one. As we sat in Kelly’s office and spoke about work, future goals and a variety of aspirations, I managed to ask a pressing question on my mind.

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