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Five Steps to Successful Digital Content Marketing [Infographic]

Angi Wesson, Director, Digital Content Strategy

Content marketing could seem overwhelming as a concept. However, if broken down properly, it’s much more palatable and can be the largest weapon in your marketing arsenal. Whether you are looking to increase awareness, drive lead generation or create conversion, content marketing can provide the results you’re seeking. I have developed a process that will help you get to the heart of your story while engaging with your target audience.

Who is your target audience?

Your target should be at the heart of everything you do. Whether you are B2C or B2B, your customer is the most important part of this process. Start with an audience persona and understand who they are culturally, socially, emotionally, behaviorally and rationally.

What problem or issue is your target audience facing?

It may even be a problem they didn’t know they had. How can you solve their problem while telling your brand story?

Choose a content type.

This is no small feat. There are so many choices, and you don’t have to choose just one. Here’s a good starting list:

  • Blog posts
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Press releases
  • White papers

Where will you distribute this content?

Will it live on your website or is it only appropriate for social media platforms? How will you amplify it? You can create the greatest piece of content, but it doesn’t matter if no one sees it. Be sure to use amplification to increase content longevity.

Engage with your audience while they engage with your content.

Don’t post and peace out. There was a reason you created this content. Your audience needs you, so be there for them.

Take a look at 25 brands that got it right last year. Take note of the stories they tell, tools they use and how their content has relevance and longevity. Do you have a brand you aspire to be? What brands have really lost their way?

To learn how Trone Brand Energy can take your content marketing to the next level please contact us or email Angi Wesson.

Five Steps to Successful Digital Content Marketing Infographic


Originally written by Angi Wesson for Temple University

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