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Take it from a Firefly

You may have noticed that the fireflies above organically begin to blink together. The synchronization appears to be random yet is so amazingly deliberate. We believe that’s how a brand’s energy should be transmitted. It’s all about putting out the right brand signal—making it easy for audiences to sync up with your brand—through very purposeful efforts.

Our Brand Story

Fireflies are cool. And there's this one kind of firefly in the Great Smoky Mountains that's even cooler. These special fireflies light in sync with one another. Really. One firefly with a stronger blinking signal influences the firefly next to him. Then that firefly is in sync with his blink. And now that two are blinking together, a few others join in. And, after a while, every firefly in the forest is blinking together, their signals in complete unison and harmony. We see brands relating to their audiences the same way. We call it The Firefly Effect™. It's what inspires us and it's what we create. Brands putting out the right signal, with more and more people blinking along. It's pretty amazing.

Case Studies

So what happens to a brand when The Firefly Effect takes over? What does that look and sound like? What happens to brands that find their Alpha Signal? Well, we’re not going to tell you—we’re going to show you. Here are two very different examples of The Firefly Effect at work.

Shreve & Co.

Explore the Exceptional

Once the Shreve team understood their role in customers’ lives, even the window displays were on brand.

  • Train Wraps
  • Billboards
  • Video
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North Carolina Education Lottery


Facebook allowed Powerball players to talk to characters in a personal and engaging way.

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  • Trone Brand Energy and BEM Interactive sync up

    Together, digital and content marketing blink brighter.

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  • Small Agency of the Year 2013: Southeast Region

    Trone Brand Energy won Silver in Ad Age’s Small Agency of the Year Award: Southeast Region.

    View our award-winning work
  • 2014 Effie Award

    Finalist in The Pet Care Category for the Season's GREENIES® national television commercial.

    View our award winning spot

Industry Specialties

Work in any industry long enough, you get pretty good at it.


It’s not just programming. Or websites. Or banners. In order to be a true signal for a brand, all the digital communications must be consistent and strategically insightful.

Local Industry

It sounds intuitive: making local companies a star in their market. But there’s an art to it. Let’s just say we made a San Francisco brand more relevant working from NC.

Pet Industry

From the treats and food that pets eat to the veterinarians they visit, Trone Brand Energy is an authority on what pet parents want and buy.

Our Clients

Our People

We are, all of us, Brand Energists. A bunch of unique individuals brought together to think, talk, live and breathe the brands we work for. We still get excited to see our work out there doing its job, spreading the brand signal and the brand joy.

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If you want to be a Brand Energist, check out these options.

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Kimberly Ness

VP, Management Supervisor

Nicole Donoghue

VP, Management Supervisor

Sonya Millsap

VP, Controller

Jenny Rowland

VP, Director of Planning

Derek Lidbom

VP, Interactive Producer

Angi Wesson

Account Supervisor

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