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A New Diagnostics Website for LabCorp

The Challenge

The existing LabCorp site was state-of-the-art when it was first conceived. However, it was showing signs of age as users became more accustomed to more sophisticated platforms and navigation. Using a quantitative user survey and Google Analytics, Trone Brand Energy conducted a site audit that guided the redesign strategy. Results of that audit are proprietary.

Digital Solution

January 2017 marked the launch of the site. The new LabCorp.com has an audience-driven design that puts the needs of the LabCorp’s customers and the tasks they come to the website to accomplish at the forefront. The site is not only patient-friendly; it is provider friendly, a culmination of two years of work that included extensive stakeholder and consumer research as well as collaboration among the full spectrum of LabCorp Diagnostics.

The Result

Though most metrics of the new LabCorp.com are proprietary, it is no surprise to learn that nearly three million visits occur each month and that during peak times of day, 12,000 guests are on the site at one time. LabCorp has experienced an increase in traffic since the site relaunched, overall traffic is up 9.63% and organic traffic is up 10%. All with no paid marketing.

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