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Home Meridian International

Perfecting the art of reinvention.

The Challenge

HMI is the parent company of several major furniture brands, including Pulaski. Our challenge was to help HMI communicate to the global furniture industry that they were more than a parent company, and what made them unique was their ability to adapt quickly and efficiently to marketplace demands and desires.

Reverberating Brand Story

HMI has perfected the art of reinvention and has become masters of the now in the furniture industry through superior logistics and response. 

The Result

We transformed HMI’s under-used red square logo into a robust brand identity that we applied to their website, showroom, furniture market materials and corporate headquarters. The website’s performance was the greatest illustration of the new identity’s effect. The site had 2.4 million visitors in the first year with a bounce rate of only 27%, down substantially from the typical 60% to 90% of previous years.

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