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We are Trone Brand Energy.

Data slayers, concept creators, thought designers, impressions architects, idea incubators, interrupters of the norm and all around curious people.

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Brash newcomer, social media consumer, knowledge thief, experience seeker, method adopter, do-more-than-sit-there-and-try-to-look-smart teammate.

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What is an inTRONEship?

An inTRONEship is an internship energized by the power of Trone Brand Energy. It is not a boring, let me check my email every 2.3 minutes type of internship. It's a hands-on, in-the-thick-of-it, learn-by-doing immersion experience created to provide you authentic educational opportunities and help you harness your talents and passions within the industry. That's why we've designed our inTRONEship to include checkpoints and mentors.

And don’t forget, we are in the business of ideas. If our interns have ideas on things they’d like to learn or ways we could improve their experience at Trone Brand Energy, we listen.

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Cycles and Deadlines

Fall 2019

Spring 2020

During my internship at Trone Brand Energy, I actually became a member of the agency and worked together side-by-side with talented and friendly industry professionals. I learned about and was involved in all different aspects of agency life from broadcasting to account management to research and strategy. Everybody was willing to sit down and talk with me, whether about life at the agency or to help me out with a project. Overall, this internship has given me the experience and skills I wanted while also reaffirming that this is the industry for me.

Broadcast Intern

My internship at Trone Brand Energy has been a lot more than I expected. I have been given opportunities to learn about a number of departments, meet a lot of influential people and really learn the ins and outs of a full-service agency. Everyone here values the interns and are all willing to answer questions and give us advice. No coffee fetching is involved and interns are assigned real-world intern projects to work on! I have learned a lot at Trone and this internship has really helped me prepare for my future.

New Business Intern

This isn’t the first internship I’ve had but it’s definitely been the best. Everyone here wants me to have a positive experience and they will do anything they can to make that happen. I worked as an account services intern, but realized I wanted to go into the creative side and my supervisors were constantly looking for ways I could explore that side of the agency. This internship will look good on your resume, but you will also learn more than you could expect and get extremely valuable experience.

Account Management Intern

My internship at Trone Brand Energy has not only been a great learning experience but a lot of fun. The people I work with want to see me succeed, so they're constantly teaching me new things and giving me different projects to work on. Because of this internship, I really feel like I'm better prepared to enter the workforce after graduation.

Account Management Intern

Working at Trone Brand Energy this summer was a wonderful and engaging experience. I learned an enormous amount about the advertising world—a world I previously knew nothing about. Everyone was so willing to take the time to teach me new things, which really made me feel like a part of the Trone family. I would absolutely recommend this internship to anyone who wants to learn more about the fields of marketing and advertising.

Account Planning Intern

My time working in the studio at Trone Brand Energy was invaluable. I learned new and applicable things on a daily basis. Overall it was a fun experience interning at Trone.

Studio Intern


Past Interns

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