Pet Product Marketing

Trone Brand Energy is nationally known as a pet marketing specialist. We understand the dynamics of pets, pet owners, retailers and veterinarians. You can’t do this as long as we have without working with some of the biggest and most highly regarded pet care companies. Treats. Nutrition. Preventives. Therapeutics. Diagnostics. We’ve created relevant connections for them all. 


We're Pet People - Our Pet and Vet Experience


Trone Brand Energy was named a 2014 EFFIE Finalist in the Pet Care category for one of our TV commercials.

Pet Industry Research

Clients have access to our proprietary research panel with more than 40,000 pet parents and nearly 3,000 veterinary professionals.

Our research panel has produced data and insights that have proven valuable to our pet industry partners. An example of this work is our Pet Wellness Study, fielded in late 2014. This studies uncovered new perspectives in regards to pet ownership behavior. 

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