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Magento Community vs. Enterprise Comparison

Trying to choose between Magento Community vs. Enterprise edition? Magento Enterprise offers built-in functionality that may not be handled as well or as easily by Community or isn't offered with the Community Edition at all. Further, third-party add-ons can conflict with Community, costing you hours in development and troubleshooting unexpected issues, now and in the future.

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By selecting Trone as your partner for Magento design & development services, you'll receive an unbiased opinion as to which edition of Magento best suits your needs.

Our team of ecommerce specialists will make a recommendation based entirely on your requirements. Based on both operational and marketing features, and depending on your organization's needs, there are several reasons why it may be best to choose Magento Enterprise edition over Community.

What are the benefits of operating Magento Enterprise over the Community edition?


  • Handles large catalogs (20,000 products and up) very well.
  • Provides faster indexing of newly added or edited products. Community edition can take several minutes to re-index all products to include the newly added or edited one.
  • Includes full-page caching, meaning pages appear to visitors much faster. With Community edition, a page opens and then the images, content, pricing, and attributes are pulled from tables within the database, slowing down the process. Slower pages discourage shoppers.
  • Provides Version roll-back - very handy when you apply changes to content, products or category pages only to realize after saving those were the wrong changes.
  • Offers better performance than Community Edition under heavy loads. With Magento Enterprise, you can assign different tasks to be handled by different servers - caching, sessions, memory, and database - to prevent crashing the site.
  • Provides advanced administrative roles and site access logging. This enables you to implement granular level security to keep your site safe. Plus, you can create a log that shows who logged in and when, who made changes, and who accessed customer data. Tracking is an excellent deterrent.
  • Provides the ability to quickly update customer information and add attributes to existing customer data such as prefixes, tax exempt status, or VAT.
  • Provides a built-in gift wrap option that you can associate to specific products.
  • Offers a gift registry or wish list that your customers can share with friends and family.
  • Offers built-in solr search - the ability to provide recommendations as keywords are typed into the search field. For example: typing "baby" into the search field provides a list of clickable recommendations such as baby bottles, baby food, baby stroller, baby swing, and baby walker. Solr Search is not available with the Community Edition.
  • Offers built-in automatic Return Management Authorization. Community Edition cannot handle RMAs automatically.
  • Provide a PCI Compliant Secure Payment Bridge so that you can safely store customer data.

What are the benefits to marketing with Magento Enterprise over the Community Edition?

Advanced segmentation of clients

Allows you to perform advanced segmentation of clients so that you can:

  • Reward loyal/repeat customers and customers who spend over X amount with you;
  • Provide buying incentives to new customers
  • Target customers based on geographic location, demographics, order history, recent visit, frequent visits, or amount spent
  • Upsell based on cart contents
  • Host private sales
  • Offer special pricing or products to segmented customers
  • Offer gift or loyalty points that customers can apply to product purchases or shipping. While this is a paid extension for Community Edition, it does not integrate well.
  • Offer store credits and/or online gift cards

Automate email messages

Allows you to automate email messages such as

  • Make special offers to visitors who abandon the cart
  • Send second-day or thank you notices
  • This functionality can be added to Community but be aware that conflicts can and do occur
  • Provides the ability to create custom landing pages for your PPC campaigns as well as tie them to segmented customer groups

Cross-sell, upsell and recommend

Allows you to automatically cross-sell, upsell, and recommend other products. Community Edition does not handle this function well if you have a lot of products.


Gives you the ability to generate coupons automatically to be used by one individual or a group or persons. You can generate a unique coupon code per customer.


Associate banners or buttons on your site with coupon codes and discounts.

What are the benefits to your visitors?

  • Faster indexing and page caching equates to faster browsing for your visitors
  • Faster checkout allows your visitors to:
    • Checkout as a guest - Registration is not required
    • Checkout as a repeat customer - Login with a username and password
    • Register as a new user
    • Checkout using PayPal Express
  • When shopping on your site is pleasant, quick and easy, customers tend to return, especially when they have coupons or special offers that invite them to return.

While Trone will build your site on either platform, we believe in providing you with all the information you need to make a well-informed decision, and providing you with a strategic, unbiased recommendation. To learn more, contact us.

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