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What the Changing World of Pet Medication Means for Marketers

The days of veterinarians ruling supremely over pet medications are over.

In a recent study with partner Brakke Consulting, Inc., we learned that more than 20% of human pharmacists are filling CVM approved pet prescriptions. We also confirmed veterinarians’ concern about pharmacists’ preparedness to accurately fill these prescriptions and their intent to seek new ways of maintaining control.

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Wanna see the numbers? Here. Or here. But just knowing the numbers—the raw data—isn’t enough for a marketer. Marketers need to know what the data means for their brands. How should they adapt? What can they do to keep their products and services top of mind? Of course, we can’t give away all of our secrets, but here’s a start. 

  • Become a resource for veterinarians.

    Provide content to help them talk to clients about their options—from the value of buying in-clinic to the convenience of buying from a human or online pharmacy. Educate them on the importance of being transparent with today’s pet owners and, in turn, be transparent with them about how your product will be distributed.

  • Engage with human pharmacies.

    They are hungry for information from you. Add them to your product literature list and, if you have one, your sales rep list. Communicate with them directly about how your product is to be dispensed and the benefits and side effects. Offer things like pharmacist training, email templates and in-store signage. Then you can assure veterinarians that these pharmacists are prepared to best help our pets.

  • If you’re selling a name brand product, prepare for generic warfare.

    Human pharmacists are going to recommend generics for pets. After all, it’s what they do for us. Be ready to differentiate yourself. Do research. Demonstrate superiority if you can. You may even want to consider a veterinary-exclusive distribution strategy. There will always be people who buy directly from their vet.

At Trone Brand Energy, we do more than collect data.

Trone Brand Energy turns data into insights that inspire engaging creative work for our clients. We’ve done it a lot in the pet world (see our pet experience video). So if you’re a marketer in the ever-changing pet category and you’d like to hear more about what pet owner and veterinary trends mean for your brand, shoot us an email. Preferably, before one of your arch rivals makes us sign a non-compete agreement. 

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Many veterinarians have expressed concern about pet owners using the internet to seek advice about pet healthcare rather than visiting a veterinarian for an examination of their pet by a professional. Veterinarians fear that pet owners may even reduce their visits to the clinic due to the abundance of information readily available online.

The battle for pet pharmaceutical sales has grown to a point where brick-and-mortar retailers and Internet/mail order retailers accounted for a combined 42% of the nearly $8 billion in national pet medication sales in 2014 according to a report by the market research firm, Packaged Facts.

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