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Social Engagement

The Three A’s of Social Engagement

Angi Wesson, Director, Digital Content Strategy

When is the last time you heard back from a brand after giving it a shout out on your social media? Have you been acknowledged by a company on social media after you had a bad experience with them? To be an active participant in social media is extremely important for a brand. It’s not enough to sit back and listen anymore. Consumers demand interaction and if a brand doesn’t contribute to the conversation, you can bet their competitor will.

Brands should interact when there is positivity thrown their way! Or even neutrality. Not just when the chips are down, and they are begging for forgiveness.

The Three A’s for Consumer Engagement on Social Media

  • Acknowledgment

    People post or tweet to get a reaction. Whether they admit it or not, why else would they do it? Would you talk to your neighbor expecting no response? That is absurd. Consumers yearn for reaction and attention. Brands can acknowledge feedback in many ways from liking a comment or favoriting a tweet to responding to a direct message or tagging a user in a post. A little goes a long way when it comes to acknowledgment on social media.

  • Award the Ambassadors

    If a brand has a handful of followers who consistently have your back by responding to naysayers, let them know they are appreciated. Throw them a bone such as a discount or free product. They will continue to help your brand out! If they don’t feel appreciated, they will exit the conversations. They are like the good pup that just wants a little attention.

  • Advocacy

    Nurturing consumers through the purchase funnel can be time-consuming, but it’s worth it. Brands shouldn’t forget about their consumers once they have purchased. They must continue to engage and nurture those customers into becoming brand advocates. Word of mouth is king when it comes to purchase consideration. Customers rely heavily on reviews, testimonials and friends or family when making purchase decisions. Why not spend more time creating brand advocates as an extension of the marketing/sales department?

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There are countless websites that give social media tips for businesses. Sprout Social, Social Media Today and Social Media Examiner are very helpful to navigate through the sea of social. Contact us if you’d like to improve your social presence and interaction with your potential customers.

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