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Summer 2016 inTRONEship Experience

As college students who wanted to gain hands-on experience in the advertising industry, we all came in to our first day at Trone Brand Energy nervous and excited about what our summer internship would hold. What would we be doing? Would we meet new people and learn new things? Or would we simply get coffee and sit in a cubicle bored all day?

We are happy and proud to say that our time in the inTRONEship program has been anything but boring. We have tackled new tasks every day—learning more about the agency lifestyle in 12 weeks than one semester in a classroom. As interns in all different departments, our work has stretched from creating social media content calendars to designing infographics to assisting with internal presentations. We were able to not only gain knowledge and experience in our specific departments, but also learn about the many different parts of the agency through our intern interviews. In our intern interview assignment, we interviewed Brand Energists from all over the agency and learned about their daily tasks, responsibilities and experiences both in the industry and here at TBE.

As summer 2016 interns, we all (Sarah, Lindsey, Nicole, Ali and Asher) collaborated on our inTRONEship project, a research-based project with the goal of gathering insights on specific demographics and then creating visual content to present our findings. We studied the banking and beer-drinking habits of millennials and interviewed Gen X and Baby Boomer families about their telecom usage. After gathering our insights, we collaborated with TBE creatives to produce a high-quality video, a colorful infographic and an informational blog post. We all enjoyed our project immensely. It allowed us to collaborate with one another and gave us valuable hands-on advertising experience.


“I think the intern interviews and internship project have been incredibly useful and very fun. I enjoyed getting to know all of the different roles in the agency and the people who fill those roles. The inTRONEship is definitely designed to help interns learn about the world of advertising. It’s not a typical internship where the only duties are to make coffee and print documents.” —Asher Alt, Account Management


“I have really enjoyed my time as an intern at TBE. The intern interviews and internship project were two of my favorite parts of the program. The interviews were a great way to step outside my comfort zone and meet people in different departments of the agency. The internship project allowed us to get hands-on experience and collaborate not only with each other but also with agency experts, which was a great experience.” —Ali Stephens, Account Management

Not only have we all enjoyed working on our respective accounts, we have also thrived in TBE’s company culture. Every Brand Energist we’ve worked with has been kind, enthusiastic and always willing to answer our questions. It was apparent that they truly wanted us to learn and succeed here. In addition, being witnesses of what TBE calls The Firefly EffectTM has been a great experience. Through The Firefly EffectTM, we have learned how brands become synchronized with their audiences through the creation of brand energy, a good brand story and strong client connections.


“Working at Trone Brand Energy has been such an enriching experience. I have been exposed to so many learning opportunities in just one summer here. The people at TBE want you to succeed as much as they want you to enjoy the work you are doing. Everyone here is willing to help and guide you to meet all your goals. I am thankful I have been able to spend my summer learning and working with the people at this agency.” —Lindsey Schaefer, New Business


“This internship has been very educational and I feel like the skills we gained here will better equip us for projects both at school and firms in the future. Everyone is incredibly nice and fun to work with.” —Nicole Procter, Studio


"TBE has been a great way to meet a lot of creative professionals that are eager to help us learn the ins and outs of an ad agency. It's been a really fun and interactive experience being part of The Firefly EffectTM." —Sarah Shi, Account Planning

The inTRONEship program has provided us with a great experience that we are all confident will help us thrive in future endeavors in the industry. By watching how The Firefly EffectTM applies to the success of brands, participating in the internship project and being part of such a positive company environment, TBE truly made it easy to wake up, come to work and succeed while doing so.


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