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A Study in Pet Health

In 2014, Trone Brand Energy fielded a proprietary study that examined how pet parents care for their animals.

The goal was to help brands speak the health language of their audience. We explored trends, consumer perceptions and the differences between wellness and prevention to determine the opportunities and challenges facing brands today. We spoke with more than 1,000 dog and cat owners in the United States for the study.

One of the first pieces of information to come out of the study was that all pet parents exist on a continuum of care for their animals. We determined four categories:

Live & Let Live

A hands-off approach to pet parenting. These people feed, love and play with their pets but rarely take them to the vet or monitor their diets.

Fitness & Foodies

These pet parents always make sure their pets eat healthy, well-balanced diets and get regimented exercise.

Checks & Vacs

People in this category are diligent about the medical wellness of their pet but aren’t sticklers for diet and exercise. Pets should be pets.

All About Health

A combination of Fitness & Foodies and Checks & Vacs—the ultimate pet parents that maintain the diet, exercise and veterinary care of their animals.

This continuum isn’t designed to be a value judgment on pet owners, rather recognize that a true scale exists. There is no one way to care for a pet. Realizing that difference among pet owners is the first step for brands in search of a unique voice in the marketplace.

For more pet wellness insights, stay tuned to this blog or contact us directly. Learn more about our pet marketing services or view our capabilities, retail services and business-to-business services.

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