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Spring 2016 inTRONEship Experience

Written by Christina Daniels-Freeman, Spring 2016 intern

When I walked into Trone Brand Energy (TBE) in January for the first day of my internship in Account Planning, I was nervous, excited and optimistic.

Would this advertising agency in High Point, NC be a good fit? Would I get to work on diverse accounts and be a part of the company culture?

Three and a half months in, that uncertainty has been replaced with confidence. I walk in each morning ready to tackle the day—saying hello to Jimeetre at the front desk and chatting with whoever is on the elevator. I have met many people and worked on many different accounts, ranging from conducting market research for North State and HMI, to studying trends in millennial living habits. I have even contributed to internal Trone Brand Energy presentations. As one of the largest independent agencies in the Southeast, TBE has provided me with many great opportunities and taught through example. The emphasis on client/agency relationships as well as the Firefly Effect, which focuses on creating strong client brand signals with which audiences can synch, make TBE stand out as an agency.

The spring 2016 TBE interns, Caela, Meghan, Nicole and I, have witnessed the teamwork and collaboration it takes to accomplish the varied tasks within the agency. The open environment at TBE makes it easy to ask questions and feel like we have a voice when contributing to different projects. “Everyone is willing to help, offer advice and answer questions. That definitely sets TBE apart from other companies I have interned with,” explains Caela, one of the two Account Management interns.

caela shay

Caela Shay, Account Management

“My internship at TBE has helped prepare me for post-graduation by allowing me to learn new skills, improve old ones, and gain invaluable experience working in an agency environment.”


christina daniels freeman

Christina Daniels-Freeman, Account Planning

“Interning at TBE has allowed me to see the collaboration that takes place on a daily basis and gain a better understanding of the direction I want to take after graduation.”

nicole copsis

Nicole Copsis, Account Management

"I have gained quality, real-world agency experience working at TBE that I have not gotten at any other internship. It has been a great opportunity for me to learn the ins and outs of an agency that always keeps the ball moving and has a passion for its clients."

meghan windle

Meghan Windle, Studio

“My favorite part [of the internship] has been the interview project. I like to hear about how people got to the positions they’re in now.”

Internships have become a way of life for students—a way to gain real-world experience, make connections, and ease the transition post-graduation. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 65% of Bachelor-degree graduates in the Class of 2015 participated in an internship and/or co-op during their years spent at colleges and universities throughout the country. The four of us interning at TBE this spring will graduate in May, having completed 3+ internships each, during our time in school.

While interning at TBE, Caela, Meghan, Nicole and I have gained various experiences, mentors, and insight into the many departments in advertising and different paths we can take with our careers when we, inevitably, graduate in May. As Meghan is quick to point out, interning at TBE has “definitely helped narrow down what I want to do after graduation and the people have all been so great. They're always willing to answer questions or chat with you about their experiences.”

Well TBE, what can we say? Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your team this spring. We came, we interned, and we (hopefully) conquered. 

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