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Play Fantasy Ad Draft


As ad people, we look forward to S#%*@ B$&! commercials. No, that’s not a typo or error in the code—we just don’t underestimate trademark laws. Anyway, we enjoy the competition of the commercials so much that we made it a game everyone can play.

How to play Fantasy Ad Draft:

  1. Pick the five players that you think will score the most (show up in the most commercials during the game). Babies? Talking animals? Bodily injury? Your team is up to you.
  2. Your first pick is worth five points every time it’s featured in an ad. Second pick, four points and so on.
  3. Create your best team name and enter your team.


We’ll calculate the results and announce the winning team on Monday after the game. Know other big ad fans? Challenge them to play too. Good luck!


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