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Maximize Your Millennial Marketing: Pet Edition

Here’s yet another article about marketing to Millennials.

You already know they use social media. An article from the Wall Street Journal shows that Millennials spend almost 8 hours a day using social media. What you may not know is that one of the biggest mistakes in marketing is lumping Millennials into one big category. According to research by Curalate, there are 14 distinct Millennial personas, and at Trone Brand Energy, we know how to create content to get the attention of each one of them. There’s a Millennial called “The Boss Babe.” She probably has a dog. So does “the Quarter-Life Crisis,” because pets make everything better.

Millennials' Involvement in the Growing Pet Industry

Millennials are becoming the largest group of consumers, as Baby Boomers are passing the torch of spending power. It is estimated that in 2015, people spent $58 billion in the pet industry. Of that, $11 billion was spent by Millennials.

While veterinarians are concerned about a decline in pet ownership, data collected from the 2016 Changing Pet Ownership Study by Trone Brand Energy and Brakke Consulting says otherwise. 77% of Millennials who are currently pet owners plan on remaining pet owners, and a little more than half (56%) of those who are not pet owners say they “will have a dog or cat in the future.” In other words, as a pet product brand, you better start marketing towards Millennials because they’re going to be your biggest consumers.

Millennial pet owners plan on remaining pet owners

Millennials' Spending and Splurging Habits

Millennials spend more on pet products and services than any other generation and 68% of Millennials indicated that they read the nutrition labels on pet treats and foods. Their category spending is more overall but also more diversified. This generation is spending on typical services, medications, food and treats, but are also attracted to natural and/or holistic options. According to research by Nielsen, 73% of Millennials are willing to splurge on a product if the company shows that they are doing more than just creating products by giving back to the community in some way.

The Search for Online Pet Healthcare Information

Pet owning Millennials don’t just use social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for entertainment or to show off their furry friends, but also as resources for information on pet care. Our research indicates that more than half (55%) of Millennials use general web searches like Google, 26% use Facebook, and 19% use Twitter in order to find information on animal health. DVM360 shows that pet owners are using the internet to look up answers to their curiosities, like why their pets eat grass to more serious issues like possible signs of infection.

We Can Maximize Your Presence on Social Media

So you know your business should be using Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest… the list goes on and on. Everyone’s doing it, but do you know how to do it effectively? Do you know what types of posts Millennials find funny or engaging, and what posts turn them away? We do. We know that the “Boss Babe” is attracted to companies promoting images of healthy lifestyles and relaxation, and is probably taking her pup on a run before work. We also know that the “Quarter-Life Crisis” values companies that understand we all have our guilty pleasures and is most certainly embracing the fact that his cat is his current best friend. These definitive differences let us reach them whether you want their awareness, engagement, loyalty or immediate purchase.

To discuss how we can help maximize your millennial marketing, please contact Kimberly Ness at 336-819-6933 or Kness@trone.com.

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