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For the First Timers

Written by Alexandra Bater, Spring 2017 Intern

9 A.M. on a Tuesday morning, the only thing standing between me and the professional world was two heavy, ceiling to floor glass doors, staring right at the illuminated Trone Brand Energy sign hanging over the reception desk. As my heels clicked on the wooden floor of the lobby, a feeling of intimidation came over me, uncertain of what I was about to get into.

But, instead of entering a cold, gray workplace, I was welcomed by an enthusiastic, loving team that was ready to push me to the next level. With a blue and white welcome tag awaiting my arrival at my brand new desk, I knew that this would be an experience I would never forget.

The intern team at Trone Brand Energy doesn’t fetch coffee or make copies. We are lucky enough to get our hands on the real deal: communicating directly with clients, conducting research and creating masterpieces. We have had the ability to admire our supervisors and learn from their limitless experience.

“Interning at Trone Brand Energy has been the most beneficial and educational experience. I have learned so much by working hands-on with industry professionals. I have gotten to work on real jobs for real clients in a professional atmosphere. I have been most impressed and grateful for how friendly and willing everyone in the agency is to sit down and answer any questions I have had. This agency truly is "pro intern.” I have felt supported and encouraged to succeed not only here at TBE, but in my future professional endeavors as well.” ~Matthew Taylor, Studio Intern

“Working at TBE, specifically in account management, has given me a serious appreciation for all of the behind the scenes work that goes into every project detail. I have been lucky enough to witness jobs evolve from the very first brainstorming session all the way through client presentations, and really be a part of the work that creates this evolution. Everybody here has been so willing to answer every question I have, and they have all gone above and beyond to make sure I get fulfilling and relevant intern experience. I am incredibly grateful for the time I’ve had here.” ~Paige Wheeler, Account Management Intern

“Working for Trone Brand Energy this semester has proved challenging and exciting. My days here have given me the necessary tools to excel in this industry because I have worked under the guidance and support of fantastic mentors. This inTRONEship experience is one of a kind!” ~Michael Keener, Public Relations Intern

“Working at Trone Brand Energy has given me experience I never thought I would receive as a junior in college. I have had the opportunity to learn from the best in the business, conduct thoughtful research and participate in the creation process of a brand. I had the chance to speak to Sean White, a Digital Marketing Specialist at Trone, who advised me to “give everything my all,” inspiring me to not only work hard but believe in my own abilities to do anything I set my mind to. Increasing my experience and my overall perception of myself and my capabilities is something I will forever be grateful for.” ~Alexandra Bater, Account Planning Intern 

From all the spring interns, we would like to thank Trone Brand Energy, not just for the experience and challenges, but for teaching us what it looks like to be truly passionate about what you do, and most importantly, to believe in our own abilities to accomplish absolutely anything that is thrown our way. 

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From the moment I walked through the tall ceiling glass doors of Trone Brand Energy to the last day I opened them, I was welcomed by a team of employees who refused to limit themselves.

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