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February 09, 2017
“In the old days of Virtual Reality,” is not a phrase that many people can use. But there was a first wave of VR, and some of the challenges we faced then are only now being overcome. In the summer of 1991, my partners and I launched the first full-immersion 360 degree VR system available to the public in Europe at the Rock Garden in Convent Garden, London. The Virtuality system had heavy headsets with optics at 640x320 resolution, head and hand tracking using Polhemus magnetic tracking with a delay that could induce motion sickness.
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February 02, 2017
As ad people, we look forward to S#%*@ B$&! commercials. No, that’s not a typo or error in the code—we just don’t underestimate trademark laws. Anyway, we enjoy the competition of the commercials so much that we made it a game everyone can play.
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December 06, 2016
Saying Merry Christmas seems easy enough. But, just like with any communication, too many objectives can make even the simplest holiday greeting not so simple.
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October 28, 2016
Welcome Pet Brand Marketers to Millennial Training 101. At Trone Brand Energy, we understand that millennials can be a challenging breed of shoppers to reach. We’ve put together a series of training videos to help your brand answer common questions, including: How do you get a millennial to come when they’re called? How do you make a millennial do tricks? And how do you keep a millennial from running away?
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September 14, 2016
You’ve heard it before—a smart digital marketing plan can play an important role in awareness advertising. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But for a local telecom, digital marketing can make your company seem ever-present (a big plus when you are a local carrier) but it can also help you strategically pinpoint potential users. And this isn’t theory. This is fact. We’ve witnessed client choices that have impacted awareness, all because they undervalued a sound digital strategy. Never forget the beauty of digital. It can offer awareness building to a broad audience much like TV and outdoor or to a surgically selective audience like direct mail.
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