A Greenies Rally

Feb 18, 11Pet Blog1 Comment

On the Trone blog, we try not to be overly self-promotional, but this time we are going to make an exception in support of a great cause.  As many of you know, we have a successful pet practice and one of our great clients is The GREENIES® Brand.  During the month of February, The GREENIES® Brand is partnering with AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) to support their Helping Pets Fund, a charitable organization that provides financial support for sick or injured pets that are in need of veterinary care. To help this organization, The GREENIES® Brand is committed to donating money to provide life-saving oral surgeries for dogs and cats in need.

So why is this such an important cause for The GREENIES® Brand?  A pet’s oral heath plays an important role in a pet’s overall health and well being, and according to an opinions@trone study, 43% of dog owners became more of aware of dental health options for their pet.  The study also showed that 77% of pet owners bought dental treats for their pet that they believe to have a positive effect on their pet’s teeth.

But not all dental treats are proven to work.  Good to know that there is a entity administered by the leading veterinary dentists at the Amercian Veterinary Dental College called the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC). The VOHC is similar in nature to the American Dental Association (ADA) but is applied to pet products. Through clinical research, the VOHC determines which products on the market are effective to prevent buildup of plaque and tartar. And GREENIES Canine Dental Chews are the first dental chew to receive the VOHC Seal of Acceptance for the reduction of plaque and tartar!

So how can you help? Just share the news!

  • For every blog post written about the importance of the VOHC Seal of Acceptance, The GREENIES® Brand will donate $25 to the AAHA Helping Pets Fund.
  • For every use of #VOHC on Twitter (either through an original post or a re-tweet), The GREENIES® Brand will donate $1 to the AAHA Helping Pets Fund.
  • And just announced on February 17th, for every like on The GREENIES® Brand Facebook page, the brand will donate $1 to the AAHA Helping Pets Fund.

So c’mon, let’s see how much we can raise for this great cause while spreading the importance of your pet’s dental health!

One Response to A Greenies Rally

  1. Laurie Eno says:

    I think this is SO fantastic!

    Thank you for allowing me to help raise money for the AAHA’s Helping Pets Fund via my recent blog post.

    It was fun and easy … who could ask for more?

    You guys ROCK!

    Laurie Eno
    Founder & Editor
    The Daily Corgi

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